Becoming a Sponsor!

Our team relies completely on outside donations from organizations and individuals-- it takes a lot of money to support a high school robotics team that participates in two separate competition levels each season. We will graciously accept and honor any donation, whether it be monetary or otherwise, through the appropriated incentives indicated below.

To grasp our financial situation more realistically, each year we must register for two separate competition levels, purchase structural parts such as aluminum channel and wheels actively (or otherwise cannibalize old robots), pay for replacement parts such as motors or gears if needed, etc. In FIRST, things are always changing, so we are almost always in need of new technologies or electronics.

If you are considering sponsorship, please contact our PR team by clicking here!

Sponsorship Incentives!

All levels of sponsorship, regardless of the volume of donations, will be featured on our website's sponsors page. Below are the associated incentives for each level of sponsorship, along with the monetary amount of contributions required to warrant a higher sponsorship level. In cases of donations of goods or services, something else may be worked out.

Sponsorship Tiers!

Diamond Sponsors


Platinum Sponsors

$1000 - $4999

Gold Sponsors

$500 - $999

Silver Sponsors

$100 - $499

Bronze Sponsors

$25 - $99

Available to all Sponsors!

For more information please consult our business letter found here!